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Garlic giving you issues? Try removing the germ!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I LOVE the taste and smell of garlic! Plus, it is sooooo good for you. However, I noticed that I would get a loud stomach after eating it. Not an allergy and not painful like being glutened, but still bothersome enough to get me to avoid using garlic.

One day while doing my endless research on foods and products, I came across an article that suggested removing the center part of the garlic clove called the germ to reduce digestive discomfort. I immediately decided to play test subject (yet again) and give it a shot. Sure enough! I had not issues!

I also noticed that the flavor of the garlic in my dishes was much better. The garlic germ can taste bitter, especially if you are using the drier heads found at grocery stores. Win-win!

Yes, this adds an extra step to your food prep... but isn't it worth it to be able to use garlic again without issues?

To remove the germ:

  • Peel your garlic cloves.

  • Slice them in half lengthwise.

  • Using the tip of a knife or your fingernail, gently pry out the greenish middle core and discard. Easy peasy!

Garlic giving you issues? Try removing the germ!
Slice the garlic cloves in half lengthwise

Garlic giving you issues? Try removing the germ!
Gently peel out the center core 'germ'.

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