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Vegas-Prep with Turmeric Salmon & Onions

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Vegas and the desert are a mine field for people dealing with immune-system issues. From the dry, smoke-filled air and less than sanitary surfaces to the lack of sleep and non-stop imbibing, that town can mess a girl up! But, with a little pre-trip prep, I won't miss a beat.

This simple meal has a bit of everything to get me ready (except sleep). Omega-3 fatty acids and olive oil help the skin hold moisture. Onions and curry powder support the immune system. Turmeric and lemons are said to help cleanse the liver and other organs just in case I have an adult beverage... or 'two'.

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I don't use recipes and I'm not a nutritionist. My food posts are merely meant to be ideas and outlines for you to build off of, so don't get upset that I don't post every little measurement and 5million step-by-step photos. ;)

In short:

- Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

- Line a baking pan with aluminum foil

- Place your skin-on salmon (about 2 pounds) in the center of the pan.

- Surround the salmon with chopped yellow & green onions and tomatoes.

- Drizzle all with olive oil.

- Sprinkle all with salt, curry powder, and turmeric. Give a slight toss to the onions and tomatoes to coat.

- Slice lemon and place on top of everything.

- Fold the edges of the foil over the onions and tomatoes to help them steam a bit and cook at the same rate as the salmon.

- Bake for about 15-18 minutes depending on the size and thickness of your salmon. It should be medium pink in the center when done. If it's the same color all the way through, you've over-cooked it and risk eating dry fish. The olive oil helps to keep it somewhat moist, should that happen.

You can also reduce the baking time to about 12 minutes, turn the oven to Broil, and cook for about another 4-5 minutes to get more color on the surface of the salmon.


Don't forget to sign-up so you can receive these recipes and tips right in your email box!

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