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Natural, Aspirin-Free Headache Relief at Your Fingertips

One of the fun things about autoimmune disease is that the list of things you can and can't have is constantly changing. How exciting! (Yes, that's sarcasm). I discovered the hard way last spring that I am now allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen. We're talking swollen eyes, body rash, trouble breathing... all the fun stuff!

I've never been one to take headache/pain medication often, but sometimes it just HAS to be done. If you've gone through a glutening, you've probably experienced "those headaches" and know exactly what I'm talking about. Almost like a migraine, but not... and they last for days. Ugh!

When I started looking at natural remedies, most options pointed to peppermint oil. However, straight essential oil on my already sensitive skin burned a bit and cutting the oil with a carrier was too messy. Then I found Origins Sensory Therapy. The texture is soooo nice (light and easy to spread) and the smell is very relaxing. I just rub a little on my temples, back of my neck, or a touch under the nose and I immediately feel the pain start to ease.

Don't be put off by the small size! A little goes a long way. Plus, it's easy to through in a bag and TSA friendly!

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