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A New Year Calls for New Knives!

The store was out of all of the usual types of bones I use for bone broth... so I bought a big ol' turkey just for the carcass and neck bone! 🤣 Another bonus: I would be able to try out my brand new @tuo_cutlery Legacy Series 8" Slicing Knife!

I figured that, since I sous vide every other meat, why not try it with the turkey? 🤔 So, I cut the turkey in half, seasoned and bagged each half, and let them bathe at 150F for 6 hours before browning them up under the broiler.

Time to put my new 8" Slicing Knife to the test. It... was... AMAZING!!! I was able to cut through joints in one press! 👊 Cutting the breast meat away from the carcass was SO clean and easy! It didn't slip or bend one bit and followed the bones smoothly. Final test... Slicing that breast meat into medallions. It makes me want to cry when a beautiful turkey breast is shredded into threads due to a poor knife (don't even get me started on people slicing with the grain or, worse yet, using an electric knife). This knife sliced through the skin and meat perfectly... no sawing required! 👍👍

I love how using great tools makes kitchen time even more fun! I hadn't even realized how inefficient my old 'major brand name' knives were until receiving this beauty! Needless to say, I now want to own all of their knives... which are surprisingly affordable for such amazing quality and are available on Amazon. I think I definitely deserve them... you know, as a present for surviving 2020!😆🍾

Time to get that bone broth simmering and making my kitchen smell yummy while you go check out Tuo Cutlery! 🤤

@tuo_cutlery Legacy Series 8" Slicing Knife

@tuo_cutlery Legacy Series 8" Slicing Knife
My Legacy Series 8" Slicing Knife arrived beautifully and safely packaged!

@tuo_cutlery Legacy Series 8" Slicing Knife
It broke down an entire turkey like butter!

@tuo_cutlery Legacy Series 8" Slicing Knife
The BIG test... scoring tender (and expensive) foie gras like a champ!!

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