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My Daily Arsenal for Immune System Protection and Rebuilding

Nutritious foods are one thing when you are dealing with autoimmune disease, but it can also be beneficial to supplement to help recover from damage and strengthen our systems against future stressors. These four items are part of my daily arsenal. Because they are all in powder form (I get so tired of taking pills and their casings), they can be mixed together and taken at one time. I take mine before bed so they can work their magic while I am resting.

We all know the importance of probiotics in the immune system but there are so many supplements to choose from. Where to start? I like NOW Supplements, Probiotic-10 Powder, 50 Billion, with 10 Probiotic Strains because it packs a huge punch of 50 billion CFU and 10 probiotic strains in one little 1/2 teaspoon serving!

Probiotics are one thing but, when you add in prebiotics, you have a gut-health powerhouse! Prebiotics are the 'food' that feeds probiotics allowing them to flourish and do their job. Friendly Prebiotics can help repair leaky gut by supporting gut barrier integrity and food digestion... Plus, they are Gluten, Dairy & Soy Free!

Friendly Prebiotics is specifically made for sensitive tummies. Plus, it is flavorless and easy to mix into liquids.

L-Glutamine is considered the most important supplement for healing leaky gut and improving the integrity of the intestinal lining. L-Glutamine is an amino acid that has been shown to have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Be sure to take L-Glutamine in a cold or lukewarm beverage because hot beverages can compromise its effectiveness.

I like the Essential Stacks Gut L-Glutamine Powder because, unlike other brands that are often designed for bodybuilders, this brand is designed specifically for gut health. It contains no competing amino acids and is free from irritants and allergens contained in other options such as fillers, sugars, or artificial flavors... in fact, it's flavorless!

The fiber inulin is a prebiotic that can be used as food for the 'good' gut bacteria. When you are on a gluten-free or grain-free diet, you can miss out on a lot of the fiber most people get from whole-grain foods. In addition to making sure you are eating lots of high-fiber vegetables and fruits, inulin is a great gluten-free supplement.

I like Opportuniteas Organic Inulin Powder because it is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave which has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties... another win-win! It is also 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan.

I am not a physician and am not offering medical advice. I am simply sharing the results of products that have been beneficial to me. It is always up to you to do your due diligence and consult your physician before adding any new products and supplements to your routine.

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